Edward Gan

PhD Student @ Stanford

edgan8@gmail.com, egan1@stanford.edu


I'm currently a PhD student in computer science at Stanford. Previously a software engineer at Facebook working in Data & Targeting and before that a research assistant in Greg Morrisett's group working on program verification and type system design. My Resume.



At Facebook, I worked on the execution engine for running Dataswarm ETL pipelines over historical data, optimized for batch updates and exploratory analysis.


My senior thesis involved designing a functional programming language to better manage stateful resources by integrating Type Classes with Substructural Types. There's prototype type checker for the language in Haskell and a paper from LINEARITY 2014.


At Microsoft, I worked on a the sticky-notes app designed to take advantage of huge navigable layouts. This was supposed to show off Windows 8's API and we made a silly demo. Also seen on engadget though it looks like they could have used a manual.


Item choices in League:

A naive stab at trying to quantify the importance of different choices players make in purchasing items in league of legends. Report and github for crawler and analysis.

Lossy Grammar Compression:

A long-shot project on trying to introduce lossiness into the Sequitur Algorithm to get even larger compression ratios. Writeup and code